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Our offer

Consulting services, training & coaching

Market Energizer proposes to drive change through working sessions to analyse processes in sales, communication & marketing in business English and French. We build teams to gain in confidence and effectiveness. We look into digital  processes and functions.

Sessions can be handled either in business English or French or both.

The genuine Lean Six Sigma methodology is also proposed. Market Energizer has signed an agreement with SSMI Europe : the Six Sigma Management Institute. You can become Lean Six Sigma certified either through digital trainings or through live trainings to get your Green Belt, Black Belt or become Master Black Belt.

We also provide training in transformational management in Leadership 360 handled by an organizational psychologist also book writter and working for European Institutions.

Digital services & webdesign

Market Energizer designs websites using existing CMS.

Website maintenance is proposed through a pack of a couple of hours to update and refresh your website.

Training services are proposed to companies wanting to implement change quicker when integrating a new application or software the human resources have to use as new process. This service is called change management.

Conferences in French law

With the current global worldwide economic situation, Market Energizer organizes conferences in France or abroad with high profiles as Professors in French law and lawyers on specific queries in both public and private sectors. Direct input and added value to get a specialized insight.

Market Insight

Get an external insight and action plan helping to move a situation. 

We propose different marketing services as market studies, community management services, temporary sales actions to our clients.

To reach us :

IMG_2720 Mobile media and entertainment.
Event management & exhibitions

Your company wants to increase the number of leads to develop business in a specific direction, count on us to deliver the number of contacts either using digital know how or meeting prospects for you.

Contact us : - Phone : +33 662 316 366

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