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About Market Energizer

Market Energizer was created to accompany people and teams to develop their management skills and knowledge in different domains as in sales, marketing, communication and business English, to be more operational in business. Currently digitalization is a concern. Market Energizer supplies how to address change and improve processes and effectiveness, also using digital know how with accurate data, applications and social media. We provide solutions to people to get stronger and get going, catching up with the new digital social system or in sales, marketing or communication. Trainings are done in French and business English.

Over 20 years of experience in several industries : biomedical, real estate, offshore, international management consulting, mobile gaming in Asia, payment industry in IT banking, wireless IIOT using radio frequency technologies with web apps and within manufacturing companies. It started by coding using Basic language on a TRS80 computer, then generations got onto computers, reached internet to surf on the web to gain knwoledge. Sometimes you just need to allow yourself to be curious.

Be most welcome. Market Energizer provides a wide range of sales and marketing management tools, training & coaching sessions, we create websites, we adapt our training to people, caring about them being able to catch up with new tools in the related industries. We accompany our clients to manage change.

Sibylle Denis


Motivation with a a good determination are key to achieve projects. A participative approach is key to develop skills of people who want to progress. Communication is a challenge, especially with our different languages in Europe, but as long as the goals are defined and shared, people will achieve with implication.

Listenning and hearing people and company issues, in different industrial sectors, are part of my DNA. Operational performance improvements are based on strategic targets which often remain unknown. It is just like in sailing, when the direction is undefined. Is it simply possible or serious ? 


Our role is to work on sequencing objectives so it stays achievable. We can discuss how to analyse and secure what can be unexpected running your business, to secure turnover and margin, to build long term evolutions.

Building a strong strategy implies overcoming issues which pop up. Having reactive operational teams is more than ever a need to gain strength. Market Energizer creates value, taking the time to analyse a situation and working on solutions, directly implemented within your teams.

French law conferences and venues
With active spokesmen
Professor in Law and lawyers

Market Energizer launches venues with experts in French law : lawyers, Professor in French law, business lawyers.  Our key spokesmen are available to answer your needs to achieve without taking any risks for your company and to be reactive facing dual reactions. You can order your private conference, meeting, seminar, congresse, workshop, program in French law. Market Energizer organizes either the digital event or in presence.

To get further information for a specific venue for your company, please contact Market Energizer Sales : to answer your needs and select a date.

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