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Improving sales effectiveness

Training catalog 

The following training modules are either held in French or in English

- Serving customer best : ensuring a good customer service

- Elaborating  a good sales strategy

- Managing sales

- One to one sales management session

- How to launch a technical product using a web application on the market

- Trading - product launch in or outer France

- Design of sales & marketing actions to develop turnover

- Business meetings with written debriefing (Fr/Eng)

- Lead generation tactics

Other sales training modules in French or in English

- Managing a sales strategy change within your teams

- Building matricial management KPIs

- Implementing change without resource turnover effects

- Integrating change in a YTD business plan

- Digital processes in sales but keeping the client relation up

- How to use client case studies in the sales process

- How to improve company overall process to sell more

- Building long term relationships with clients

- Generating sales in a soft but long term strategy

- Building a quote with your client using a participative approach

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