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Business English trainings

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- English courses

- English courses for institutes

- Technical support operational English

- Website content in English

- Exam preparation (TOEIC)

- Operational business English

- Translations in/from English to French

​Market Energizer develops training sessions in business English.


We are specialized in operational business English in all types of industries. We adapt trainings & coaching sessions to develop skills in sales, marketing, HR, digital communication, communication, technical support functions either orally or in writing to gain in operational effectiveness.

We can also produce content in English for French companies as websites/case studies/market tenders or else. You can contact us to discuss and get further information : or by phone +33 6 62 316 366.


We accompany and federate people to develop their skills in English according to an activity. We develop specific trainings and supply the accurate vocabulary targeted by the industry to improve the knowledge in English within the teams.

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