Art exhibitions in Provence

South of France

Market Energizer launches art exhibitions with artists in Provence, in France. You will be able to discover pieces of art through different formats :

- Vernissage

- Art exhibitions : 

. Oil painting 

. Photography 

. Sculpture

. Other possibilities upon request

The Oil & Art series

The first exhibition took place in a private French domain in Provence producing olive oil. The artist, Daniel Denis did les Beaux Arts of la Seyne-sur-Mer.

He lended over 15 gorgeous colourful oil paintings which have been exposed to the public on the beautiful road leading to Le Castellet, in the Var region.

Artist : Daniel Denis

from Provence, South of France

"Nu rouge et noir"/ Red and black nude

from Daniel Denis

from a private collection

Oil painting  115 x 75 cm

"La femme rouge"/ The red lady

Daniel Denis

Oil painting  50 x 40 cm

"L'exotisme martiniquais"/ Martinican exoticism

Daniel Denis

Oil painting  64 x 68,5 cm