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Executive trainings and certifications in management with tools provided.
This is the full and authentic version of the Lean Six Sigma methodology
on the MindPro e-learning platform

Market Energizer opened a partnership with the Six Sigma Management Institute Europe. SSMI-Europe provides the genuine Lean Six Sigma management methodology with a US certified program from the Six Sigma co-founder Mikel Harry

- The Six Sigma methodology is deployed through an innovative e-learning plateform MindPro, offering a certification in management to deliver different levels of savings through day to day execution of quality management. These online trainings in English offer secured access to MinPro to connect from any place having internet, whenever free to proceed.

The Lean Six Sigma methodology enables to design tailor made management systems on the long term to optimize operational resources.

There are several possible existing qualifications for executives, ranked by belt. The colour or the belt corresponds to the targeted project size : Black Belt certification, Yellow or Green Belt.

Market Energizer

Managing using the Lean Six Sigma tools enables executives to become more competitive by providing performance in their company. In Europe, the Lean Six Sigma certification is delivered by The Six Sigma Management Institute Europe with whom Market Energizer operates in France. You will get a double certification with Market Energizer. This original Lean Six Sigma certification is a clear added value for an international career. You are a company based in France, contact Market Energizer for more details and get the French general terms and conditions and the special offer. More info : click on the color above  and contact Market Energizer for the special offer. 

Trainings & consulting services

Market Energizer provides management tools in sales, marketing & communication which can be adapted to all industries and are provided in French or English : healthcare, IIOT (industrial Internet of things), pharmaceutical, retail, oil & gas, defense, building industry, environment, exportation, food & beverage or others.

Change management implies training your people to increase their understanding and their knowledge to become stronger in their organization to reach performance.

Market Energizer provides short trainings to support your people to reach the company targets.

INNOVATION : certified transformational management trainings for graduated organizational psychologists
to run the new 2023 Leadership 360s to help your people drive change to excellence.

This training is handled by a professional European coach, organizational psychologist and writter. This former HR executive has driven change in several institutions and private groups in several industries.  


Using Lean Six Sigma methodologies, the psychologists, trainers of senior executives in the second phase, will carry out this innovative method to build the future with strength and serenity.

Centre de formation Lean Six Sigma
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