Trainings & consulting services

Trainings can be adapted to all industries and are provided in French or English : healthcare, IIOT (industrial Internet of things), pharmaceutical, retail, oil & gas, defense, building industry, environment, exportation, food & beverage or other.

The content of the training modules is designed specifically to answer needs. 

Change management implies training people to increase their understanding and their knowledge to become stronger in their organization.


Market Energizer provides the genuine Six Sigma management methodology with a US certified program.

There are 2 main services 

- The Six Sigma methodology is deployed through an e-learning plateform offering a US certification in project management to deliver levels of savings There are several possible levels of qualifications : the black belt certification, yellow or green belt.

The methodology enables to design tailor made matrics to optimize operational processes.

This digital management consultancy service is a clear innovation for executives, enabling them to become more competitive at their rythm.

- The Leadership 360 program is for decision makers needing to refocus and wanting to go through business introspection. This coaching is specific. It is provided with the expertise of psychologists working with the executive on strategy.

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