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Market Energizer Sibylle Denis

Project management specialists
Improving performance

Improving efficiency : new process mapping & digitization.
Remember, AI comes from Men. Keep training your teams to increase their knowledge



Market Energizer is a change management consultancy, accompanying and implementing digital transitions under different forms, including a Lean Six Sigma digital training platform to support executives in their performance by proposing the original  Lean Six Sigma Belt certification by the US from the Six Sigma co-founder Dr Mikel J Harry.

Specialized in operational sales and marketing, we also produce digital marketing content and communication tools in English and French, to increase sales effectiveness.

We provide an end to end offer from website design to operational bilingual trainings in sales, marketing, HR and communication. Our know-how is based on a multi cultural experience acquired abroad and in France. Market Energizer is a French company.

Analysing and figuring out how to improve company processes accurately is our core business. Change is implemented within teams together in business intelligence, with human values, using recent technologies. Market Energizer intervenes in some management institutes.

Managing marketing impacts

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From consulting services to reshape processes or online webinar organization, conferences, exhibitions, our role is to clarify and transfer knowledge to build a solid future. Market Energizer implements changes within your teams, according to your needs. We work on short missions.


Market Energizer defines digital strategies with accurate implementation programs.

We also occasionally develop websites or take part to advice the client to increase brand awareness and business opportunities.

We are using a soft participative approach so your teams become knowledgeable and gain in confidence to reach expectations.


Market Energizer operates with the Six Sigma Management Institute Europe on Lean Six Sigma Services as digital trainings to pass certified belts in management.

Certified Leadership 360 transformational management trainings for organizational psychologists are also proposed. This training allows  to integrate the 360 method to ensure that executives can manage their transitions to develop their skills, bound by professional secrecy of the psychologist.

Lean Six Sigma Trainings
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Adding value

- New insight through a specific analysis of situations

- Good understanding of complex situations on an international scale

- Margin increase through scaling increasing quality

- Operational sales and marketing process efficiency increase

- Webdesign & digital content management

- Social media communication

- Launching & managing innovations

- Management methodologies

- Participative approach in English and French

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